OUR Vision

Welcome to Hard Honey Adult Beverage Company located in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia. Our mission from day one has been to produce a high quality Mead that is not only true to the land but most importantly local. What is Mead you ask? Our Mead is a high quality 6.2% alcoholic beverage crafted and fermented with 100% Nova Scotia Raw Honey. You can either enjoy as one of our in house blends or limited edition seasonal batches. What are the advantages of drinking our product?  In every can we produce you will be partaking in an authentic Nova Scotian experience, while enjoying some of the freshest locally sourced products that our Province has to offer. From the Southern Shore, to the Highlands of Cape Breton and everything in between you can ensure Hard Honey is your little taste of home.

Hard Honey

Truly Refreshing Truly Nova Scotian!